Mid-term review in London

Schools joining us on 14th March at BFI Southbank were Legsby and St. Margaret’s Withern; Westmere Sutton Bridge; North Summercotes; Grimoldby; Fosse Way Academy; Grazebrook and Shacklewell Primaries; and Vittoria in Islington.

North Summercotes are putting their Exercises on their school website:  https://nspri.co.uk/la-cinemateque-francaise/

Their Exercise 3 is a mini-narrative filmed around the church in the village, originally intending to feature the young man going back in time and being filed around the church, in the end (weather intervening) they used their recce footage and filtered it to black and white to give that ‘pastness’ feel.  We talked about the minimum information needed to denote something being represented ‘in the past’, though here, the group do a very good job of suggesting the church’s history is being filtered through the boy’s imagination, as he sits on the wall waiting for his classmates.  It fulfils the brief for Exercise 3 very well: ‘Film a Place and introduce an element of another time, whether that be the past or the future. This will be mainly, but not exclusively, indicated by the soundtrack, through voice, sounds and music. The sound and the images don’t have to be synchronous’. 

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