Day 1 : Introductions

 Blog by Komalpreet Kaur and Harliv Sahota

The first day at BFI has been full of introductions whether it be to new fellow peers or to the programs these young individuals are taking. These students are taking part in BFI wind rush which is split into five sections: Dance, Filming, Journalism, Poetry and Music  The young individuals that undertook dance started by participating in team building activities where each individual made their own dance move which the others followed. This was then followed by group work after lunch.

In the journalism group, the students utilised computers for their task, which was to research a topic of interest including someone who inspires them. Being lead by their mentors, they had then held a mock interview and  had to come up with 5 questions, in groups, to ask the interviewee.

The music group first were learning about synchronising their sounds which each young individual came up with to the beat of the mentors feet. They then went on to splicing into 2 separate groups and creating the own sounds that would then be used in their tracks that they had to make and present by the end of the week.

The fourth group were given both a constructive and fun – filled session on the different aspects of film-making, and how important the way you direct impacts the audience, on top of learning the importance of how the message behind the film is portrayed. They initiated their plan for their scripts, which will be put into their films by the end of this week.



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