Day 2 : Interviews

On the second day the young individuals continue in their groups. The dancers were split up into two groups and working together to solve problems.  The music group  listened to the iconic Mona Baptiste, and described her music as interesting and dynamic, which is why the music group took her life and career as inspiration to help them create their own music. The filming group  were having a discussion about different techniques used in filming and what features different cameras have.

The journalist group first begin the morning with a exciting and energising game of splat followed a discussion on different ways an article can be written. They then proceed to leave the learmimg space to scout for locations for the magazine cover. The poetry group  were first discussing imagery that they envisioned when they read the poem and how this invasion was created by the poet.

Both the journalist and the poetry group conducted their first interview of the day with the exceptional poet Valerie Bloom. in a hilarious, yet inspiration Q&A, Valerie talked about the influence of culture and Louise Bennet on her poems. she further explained about her journey in publishing her books and needed the interview by reading her famous poem sandwich and giving the young individuals a crash course on the Jamaican language.

The second interview that both the groups partook in was with the lights-gearted and funny Catherine Ross. The interview consisted of Catherine taking about her teaching, about her journey with the museum and her future plans. She gave the young individuals many message4s some of which are to turn a disadvantage into an advantage and to always try something out for yourself. She also spoke about the tremendous and courageous things that the wind rush women did and was very passionate about the achievements of Black people.

Today the second day of these young individuals ended with hem having an insight into two different inspirational personalities. Now we wait to see what tomorrow has in place.

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