Day 3: Practice What You Preach

Blog by Komalpreet Kaur and Harliv Sahota 

ON THE THIRD day, the individuals in the group have become more tight knit with each other and have began to nurture their mentor’s enlightenment. By putting what they have learnt into practice, they have found an endearment in cultivating their art. This created some impressive results from all of the groups.

The music group was influenced greatly by Mona Baptiste – which lead to the creation of the group’s song: a use of Mona Baptiste’s instrumentals from her song Calypso Blues, with a twist of modern beats, and even some vocals! This was then used for the dance group.

The dance group had fabricated a routine along to the music piece created, and learnt how greatly the posture, fluidity and emotion impact upon the audience. They have become brilliant in their corner of art.

The young poet’s minds have started to blossom and they are beginning to question the different viewpoints on life, portrayed through different people and emotions. This is thanks to the literacy that enables their minds to open up and be aware of the world around them.

The film group had used the mentoring they received to come up with a storyboard for their short-film, and have started to formulate a script. Prior to today, the group was stressed the importance of different angles when filming, so they have developed films integrating the cultural values of filming.

And finally, the journalist group focused on finishing their articles on their chosen topic around wind rush such as: the music, the food, the entertainment etc. They also took pictures for their Magazine Rush in many different locations.

Today was all about preparation and practice. Lets see what tomorrow has in place.


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