Final films for 2017/18 Places and Stories

Belated link here for final films made by children on Places and Stories, the 2017/18 edition of Cinema Cent Ans de Jeunesse. Ten of the films can be found here, after the links to Rebecca etc.. and a couple are embedded below.

The brief for the final film was:

 Make a film where a character brings another character, or characters, into a Place that he knows.  The discovery of this place must be linked to an emotional or dramatically significant response for one of the characters.

The work explored in the exercises should inform the way that the Place is filmed.

Vitoria PS’s Culpeper Paradise contrasts urban grime with a tiny oasis of natural calm, set in north London.

Fosse Way Academy’s The Hardest Word features an opening sequence worthy of Kiarostami, as two girls appear to be unable to say the Hardest Word.

In Finding Memories from Grimoldby PS, a missed rendezvous leads two children to an abandoned RAF base, and memories from the Second World War.

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