Mid-term meeting in Berlin

Partners from Lithuania, Finland, Germany, Belgium, Scotland, and England came together in mid-February for the annual ‘mid-term bilan’, or review meeting, to share progress on Exercises 1-3 of ‘la situation.’

We’ve already looked at Exercise 1 and 2 – the voiced commentaries on paintings, and the four-shot exercises describing a situation without words.  This time we’ll just look at a couple of Exercises 3s:

Film a situation between two characters linked to an emotion – a romantic encounter / envy / jealousy /shame.

 Repeat the exact same situation, but change the space where this encounter takes place, and change the manner in which you film it.

2 mins per situation – 4 mins in total.

North Sumercotes made probably the best piece, about a football game, with a player whose football was found wanting..  The people in Berlin loved the way the piece opened, with the choreography of 6 children all leaving a classroom together, but not bumping into each other ‘like a small flock of birds all gathering and moving in unison’.  The two versions beautifully reposition the isolated girl as popular, then lonely – with a different character arriving with his own, better ball.  A simple situation that gives roles to 7 or 8 children.

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