Highfield’s First Session

HIghfield Juniors in Bromley are along for their second year of CCAJ; this year, they’ll be going to Paris!  Saskia van Roomen is running the programme as part of their Into Film club – she’s an Into Film Ambassador.  She writes of their first session:

We had a fun session yesterday and I used lots of Alastair’s exercises to bring the subject a bit closer to home. These included blindfolding children and then scratching their head with one of those scalp massage tentacles. It definitely gives you a frisson…

I also showed them ASMR videos and the Susan Boyle audition at Britain’s Got Talent to illustrate that sensations come before emotion or feeling and that something can be experienced as a pure sensation.

Another film they loved was the clip from Post Tenebras Lux (p/w is sensation) by Carlos Reygadas and they begged me to watch it until the end and they all speculated what may have happened to the little girl (they agreed she probably died). I loved some of their comments such as: ‘what kind of world are we living in’, ‘where are the parents’? They really noticed the change in mood as the light faded and felt that whereas the dogs initially were perceived to be helpers and friends to the little girl, as the light faded they became threats.

They also had lots to say about Brakhage (Anticipation of the Night) and Arabesque. One child commented that the reason why it was called ‘Anticipation of the Night’ was because it felt like the disconnected images where a bit like those images that get recorded on your phone as you are fumbling about to make it work, in a way the random images are what you see before you get to the main event, so in anticipation of what will happen later which I thought was very profound! One child felt that the different pacing, sometimes slow, sometimes very fast were disconcerting and he didn’t like the pink sky either which he thought felt threatening. They did like the refracted light and the water images in Arabesque which they felt was very relaxing and beautiful.

We finished with Lifeline and they were all mesmerised by it including the teacher.

As we are watching so many clips and tackling such an obscure subject I think it is very important to do something active in each session. Next week I will do the little exercise that Alastair suggested about filming a word.

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