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Bergala’s theories on mise-en-scène

Bergala (AB) has given us some 30 pages of French text with extracts from articles on staging. Here are a few translated sections from one of his own texts (“Election, attaque, disposition” in L’hypothèse-cinema, Cahier du Cinema, 2002) AB quotes … Continue reading

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La mise-en-scène as explained in Paris

Thought I’d add a few notes on this year’s theme. There may be some overlap here with Alastair and Mark’s posts but I guess there’s no harm in ramming home the message. Alors…  Bergala’s take on staging situations in locations … Continue reading

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Paris, réel, fiction

This year’s topic and exercises were revealed in Paris on Friday and Saturday 30 Sept/ 1st Oct.  ‘The part that the real plays in the fiction film’ at first sight is a more philosophical angle than the familiar ‘film language’ … Continue reading

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Bergala Notes from Paris Nov. 2010

Alain Bergala – Cinématèque – Paris: Friday 5 November 2010 MONTRER/CACHER AB comments on the inadequacy of the terminology: hiding being too conscious or proactive a term for what is actually meant i.e. the decision to show and not show. … Continue reading

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Montrer/Cacher 2010-2011

The theme for the academic year 2010/ 11 is Montrer/ Cacher – or ‘shown/ hidden’. Participating this year from England, are St. Catherine’s School for Girls in Bexleyheath, and a group consisting of boys from London Nautical School and Lambeth … Continue reading

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Darezhan Omirbaev’s July 2010: masterclass in camera movement

At the October seminar in Paris, Alain Bergala showed us a short film by the Kazakh director Darezhan Omirbaev called July.  I’d never heard of him before – one of the great pleasures of working with the Cinematheque is being … Continue reading

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Le Cinéma, cent ans de jeunesse

In the summer of 2009, BFI joined a film-making programme established by the Cinémathèque Française in Paris in 1995 called ‘Le Cinéma, cent ans de jeunesse’.  These pages track the progress of the English participation in the project, from our first … Continue reading

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