Tower Hamlets story time

The Tower Hamlets group meeting at Queen Mary last night began planning their film essai.  Students from St Paul’s Way, Morpeth, and Mulberry School sat alongside Nuri and Chloe, Film Studies undergrads at QM, with tutor Viki Walden.  Viki gave everyone template sheets with the film essai brief, and a sample of scenarios from clips we’d all seen: someone loses their bicycle; a group gather in a temporary shelter in the hope of escaping an apocalyptic event; etc.

The brief itself asks for a short story about a friendship or relationship, which features a shelter or cabin as a setting.  On the day of the shoot, the film must adapt to the prevailing weather conditions, and explicitly shoot material that reflects the weather.

In the end, out of 9 story pitches, Zainab’s idea about two people encountering each other sheltering from a major climatic catastrophe, was chosen.  Everyone was tasked with finding potential locations and outdoor shelters, with planning for soundscapes, and fleshing out the story into shots and dialogue.  Photos of locations to follow shortly..

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