Mid-term review in London

Schools joining us on 14th March at BFI Southbank were Legsby and St. Margaret’s Withern; Westmere Sutton Bridge; North Summercotes; Grimoldby; Fosse Way Academy; Grazebrook and Shacklewell Primaries; and Vittoria in Islington.

North Summercotes are putting their Exercises on their school website:  https://nspri.co.uk/la-cinemateque-francaise/

Their Exercise 3 is a mini-narrative filmed around the church in the village, originally intending to feature the young man going back in time and being filed around the church, in the end (weather intervening) they used their recce footage and filtered it to black and white to give that ‘pastness’ feel.  We talked about the minimum information needed to denote something being represented ‘in the past’, though here, the group do a very good job of suggesting the church’s history is being filtered through the boy’s imagination, as he sits on the wall waiting for his classmates.  It fulfils the brief for Exercise 3 very well: ‘Film a Place and introduce an element of another time, whether that be the past or the future. This will be mainly, but not exclusively, indicated by the soundtrack, through voice, sounds and music. The sound and the images don’t have to be synchronous’. 

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Mid-term review Edinburgh Feb 2018

Below, thanks to Ginte in Vilius, and Gerry and Arnaud in Paris, we have Exercise 1 from College Barbara, and Exercise 1 and 3 from Lithuania.


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Entering & exiting spaces & places around Islington – Vittoria Primary School – Task 2

For Exercise 2 the children split into 2 groups and decided where they wanted to make their film and how to shoot it. One group decided to use Hadia’s important place from exercise 1 and record her entering and exiting the lift to arrive there.

The second group took advantage of the school being so close to a local landmark – the Angel Central shopping centre. Here they filmed two members of the group entering and exiting an escalator.

Once the groups had shot all the footage they needed, they edited it together using iMovie and then shared what they had made with each other.

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Vittoria Primary School – Children’s favourite spaces/places

Vittoria Primary School in North London have been working on Task 1 of the ‘Places and Stories’ theme for this year. Below are the photos and videos made in response to filming / photographing the places they consider to be special.

For Exercise 1 the children used personal devices from home to capture film or images of a place that was important to them (which they brought into school the following week). It was an interesting exercise because it gave all of us an insight into each other’s lives and highlighted that how we use a place can dictate our feelings about it. The children gave many different reasons for why the place they chose was important to them such as:

-it was where he spent a lot of time doing something he loves (Chase and drawing at the table in his photos)

-it was a quiet place they came to feel calm (Hadia and the space outside her flat, Kayley and the green space near her home)

-it was where they spent most of their time as a family and some of her siblings were born there in a birthing pool (Lillie-Rae and her living room)

-it was their room and somewhere they spend most of their time (Fahmida and Akib)

-he loved being able to see the wide expanse of London along the riverside and has been collecting things he has found on the beach there for years (Max and the Millennium Bridge)

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Launch of Places and Stories in Lincoln

We launched this year’s Lincolnshire edition of Cinema cent ans de jeunesse at Fosse Way Academy in Lincoln, on 1st November.  Below are the PPT we followed, and the sample SoW for the after-school version of the project.


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Launch of Places and Stories

Here’s the PPT, with some embedded clips, to support Places and Stories:

CPD launch

Here’s a print-only version of the PPT: CPD launch print

The CCAJ Vimeo channel is here:  https://vimeo.com/album/4770611 and the password is Places

And here’s a sample Scheme for following the programme over 20 weeks:

Sample SoW for Places and Stories

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2017/18 Theme: ‘Places and Stories’

This year’s theme is ‘Les lieux et les histoires’: Places and Stories.

The Cinematheque team are keen to emphasise that we’re talking about real places, not generic spaces.  There are two pieces of (optional) reading: some pages from Michel Foucault’s ‘Heteretopias’, and from Georges Perec’s Species of Spaces.

Foucault’s Heterotopias is the more relevant.  Alain Bergala’s typology of Places in film covers:

  • Places that are defined by their role in a story
  • Forbidden, dangerous, or secret rooms and other places
  • Places that exist in memory
  • Places that are revisited, that have changed over time
  • ‘Alternative spaces’, which ‘alternative communities’ inhabit, which are owned by ‘others’.
  • Memorial places: places dedicated to public memory

More concretely, there’s a list of places that can be drawn from Foucault’s Heterotopias:

  • boats, trains, (space ships) – vehicles that function as complete worlds
  • gardens – bounded places to which the world is brought, in plant form..
  • prisons, and other places bounded by rules and norms of behaviour
  • islands
  • fairgrounds, dance floors, games pitches
  • ruins, haunted rooms and houses, spooky basements
  • Places where ‘time’ is collected: museums, galleries, libraries
  • Mirrors – which frame ‘uncanny’ spaces – mirrors reflect real places but as not-real

The Vimeo list of suggested clips is here: https://vimeopro.com/user21775187/des-lieux-et-des-histoires  and the password is <Places>  When you click on each link, the category of the clip is at the bottom of the video window.

The Rules of the Game Word doc is here: RULES OF GAME Places and Stories EN



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